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Dogwood Winter and A Few Random Things

April 16, 2014




The dogwoods are blooming and, predictably, temperatures plummeted yesterday.  It was a cold, rainy day and an even colder night.  The sort of night that called for a fire in Big Bertha (our woodstove).  Hopefully the last fire of the season.  Although I believe we’ve said that before, and there is still blackberry winter…..


Today, blue skies returned and after a chilly morning, it was a mild, pleasant afternoon.  Mark had a show tonight, but the kids and I spent some time out in the front yard after dinner, watching the sunset (me) while turning somersaults, playing “horse”, and rolling down the bank (the big littles), and squealing, drooling, and eating grass (baby Ben).



A Few Random Things:

Yes, Andrew is wearing Kate’s boots in the photo above.  You have to pick your battles.

Perhaps you’ve been wondering about those sweet little baby chicks?  Well, we lost two (sadly) at the beginning, but the others are doing quite well.  Although, now you know why no one EVER posts pictures of teenage chickens.    I can’t look at them without being reminded of my own gawky adolescence.  Bless their hearts.


Speaking of chickens (sort of), we have an Aldi in our town now (I love Aldi!) and I have a new favorite cheap wine:  the “Flirty Bird.”  Yes, I brought it home because it had a picture of a chicken wearing high heels and pearls.  And it was only $3.99.  And it turned out to be quite good, especially the sauvignon blanc.

Like every other little girl in the universe at the moment, Kate is obsessed with the movie Frozen, and everyone in our house (including Mr. Bum, although don’t tell him I told you) is constantly singing the song, “Let it Go.”  Mark and I don’t really mean to, but we just can’t help it.  Such an earworm!  A friend sent this link to Miss Kate.  It’s Jimmy Fallon, Idina Menzel and the Roots performing the song with fun, classroom style instruments.   Pretty impressive.


I’m noticing Kate and Andrew playing more and more games of “pretend” together.  Their favorite game is “home.”  When I was little, we called it “playing house”, but they are insistent that they are “playing home.”   Earlier this week Kate declared that they were the “Stinkinsons.”  Bert and Gert.  Sometimes they let Ben play too, and have christened him “Squirt Stinkinson.”  Their favorite “home” is the pop-up tent I got at the thrift store a few years ago.  Andrew was carrying it around yesterday morning and I heard him say, “Kate, let’s play Bert Stinkinson!”

Another favorite character in their pretend world is “Tiny.”  Andrew is “Tiny” and Kate is “Mary”, Tiny’s very cool, sophisticated older sister.  Tiny is a bit of a rapscallion, and causes all sorts of trouble.  He has appalling table manners and Mary is hard pressed to get him to behave.  Can we say, typecasting?  For some reason, when they play Tiny and Mary, I become “Grandma.”   Hmmm.


Ben.  Oh my little baby, who is fast becoming not such a baby anymore!  Mr. Ben is growing, growing, GROWING!!!!  He’s a crawling machine, has been pulling up for a couple of weeks now, and today, I saw him tentatively taking some steps while holding on to the side of the coffee table, all by his little self.  He has five teeth and is eating all sorts of foods.  He loves applesauce, oatmeal, avocados, millet, bananas, sweet potatoes, and basically just whatever he can get into his mouth.  Today I was eating a maple leaf cookie and set it down for just a minute, at which point my ravenous baby grabbed it and shoved it into his mouth.  The nerve!!!   Ben is captivated by his sister and brother, has the sweetest little  giggle that makes me melt like butter, loves taking a bath, and is proving to be quite the little singer, joining in loudly and consistently whenever we’re having a family sing along (yep, most often to “Let it Go”…..shhh….. I’m destroying my husband’s reputation).  He will not be left out of anything, that boy.  Our Ben.  We can’t imagine what we did without him!



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  1. April 16, 2014 10:56 PM

    Your teenaged chickens make me miss mine! So ugly they’re irresistible.
    You have a beautiful family!

  2. April 18, 2014 10:31 PM

    Thank you so much Robena! Hope you and yours have a beautiful weekend. Happy Easter!

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